Comprehensive Design Planning

We work with you on your project from concept through construction to include design development, space planning and blueprint review, finish planning, specifications, construction documents, and procurement.  This can include refining and implementing an existing vision or realizing unique or unusual overall styles or design genres.  We work with your existing architecture and construction team to collaborate and deliver the best space possible. 

3D Rendering of Prints and Spaces

Sometimes there's no substitute for actually seeing a space in three dimensions, whether it's for finish planning, space visualization and layout, or simply to get a better idea of flow.  These models provide perspective views of a single room or entire blueprint that aid in decision making and planning. 

Color Palette Consultation

Whether it's for a single space or entire home, sometimes picking new colors can seem overwhelming,  and that's completely understandable.  There are thousands of colors available in hundreds of shades and finishes, and not all of them work together or in a specific space with other finishes.  Trained interior designers have spent hundreds of hours studying color theory.

Kitchen Design and Remodel

Kitchens are one of the most complex spaces in modern homes, and as such they require a higher level of thought and planning.  With a dizzying array of cabinet choices, finishes, work surface options, and appliance placement, it's no mystery why they're often done poorly and one of the most common remodels in existing structures.  Whether you want your new construction kitchen to be done right from the start, or your remodel of an existing kitchen to match your vision, we can help.

Blueprint Review

Space planning is an important aspect of interior design, and something professional designers spend hundreds of hours studying as part of their degrees.  We work with architects to provide feedback on interior spatial areas, circulation patterns, and also develop plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement.  This is an integral, and often overlooked, aspect of home building that has a significant impact on the usability and function of the final space.


Purchasing furniture and accessories that create a cohesive look and feel for your space can be a monumental task.  Whether you're looking to add a few accent pieces or overhaul an entire room full of furniture, a trained eye with exposure to a vast array of manufacturers, styles, and ideas can be a huge help.  As an added bonus, we take advantage of professional discount programs to make this, in most cases, a cost-neutral service to you.